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Dr. Haus Knows:  
Santa Cup 15-1006
Last Updated: 11/11/2015
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Materials List
15-1006 Bravo Cup w/ Lid

CN-074 Really Red
CN-253 Black
CN-021 Light Grey
CN-031 Light Butternut


Lightly wipe cup and lid with a damp sponge to remove any dust.

Trace pattern to the front of the cup. Extend both ends of the belt to the back to form a full circle.

Apply 3 coats of CN-074 Really Red to the lid and the entire cup (inside and outside) except the face and belt area.

Apply 2 coats of CN-031 Light Butternut around the eye area.

Dot each eye with a detail brush and CN-253 Black.

Apply 3 coats of CN-074 Really Red to the nose and mouth.

Apply 3 coats of CN-253 Black to the belt.

Apply 3 coats of CN-021 Light Grey to the buckle with a detail brush.

Dip into Clear Dipping Glaze and fire to cone 06.

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