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Who : Our ceramic manufacturer,Tai Yeung Porcelain Industries Ltd., was established back in 1989 in Southern China and has grown strong over the past 32 years. We had built up close business relationships with our clients around the world, mainly North America and West Europe, over the years. As the pioneer in the industry, We have state of the art facilities, ample production space and well-trained employees. Therefore, we are confident in saying that we can supply high quality products on time, at anytime. "Quality, creativity and service first" is our motto. Expanding the international market through technology and good management is our goal. In order to demonstrate to our customers our ongoing commitment to quality, we are ISO 9001 certified. (Certificate No. 3500/200319200)

Where : To serve our clients more closely, our US contact office was first opened in Charlotte, NC in 2005, and our main focus was to connect with our current and potential customers more easily. In the past, the majority of our clients were importers, distributors or chain retail stores. In late 2006, our Las Vegas, NV distribution center opens its door to serve Paint-Your own-Pottery studios for your ceramic bisque needs.
Why : Why are our price much lower than our competitors? Please keep in mind that we are a CERAMIC MANUFACTURER, which means we know what ceramics are from beginning to finish, and better yet, of course our price is much better then our competitors since most of them are importers or the middle-man companies. Our QC Department reviews our products before they go out to the market, so our quality is guaranteed.
What : We have manufactured a wide variety of products including tableware, vases, candle holders, holiday decorations and lamps. As part of our ambitious long term plan, we will continue to offer an ever increasing variety of products in the future. Again, we are the manufacturer, so if you have any creative ideas, let us know and we will make it happen together.